Week 9: August 9

Chapter 8: The Power and Beauty of the Sovereign People (264–305)

→ What demonstrates the victory of the sovereign people? 

→ What links the captive and the contemporary sufferer together? How do they define themselves? 

→ How does Christophe’s government deviate from the despotic structure of the “modern/colonial public administration”? 

→ What explains the “failed state” narrative of Haiti? 

→ Consider Casimir’s methodological detour on p. 285. What do you take away from it? 

→ Who are the Ginen Haitians? 

→ Describe the knowledge system Casimir argues was inaugurated in America. How does it function? 

→ Describe the difference between communal solidarity and individual emancipation.

→ What is the power of the captive’s private sphere/private life? 

→ Note the list of rural Haitian institutions on p. 303

→ What is the counter-plantation system?

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