Week 3: June 28

Chapter 2: Resisting the Production of Sufferers (26–68)

→ What is the vocabulary of the French colonial state and how does it function? What is the role of the Code Noir? 

→ Explain Casimir’s use of the term “sufferers”

→ What does Casimir have to say about early Haitian leaders and intellectuals? Are there exceptions? Who and why? What was the main importance of the early Haitian state? 

→ Note some of the structures of private life that Casimir lists on pp. 45-46. How did those who governed relate to these structures? 

→ How does imagination and speculative thought shape Casimir’s approach in this chapter?


  1. Hello! is this the correct place to be placing comments as we read? Thank you for providing this space and the reading guide. I am very grateful for both, and am juust about keeping up with the schedule provided.

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